DJ Wicked presents..."got milf?"....a collection of guilty pleasures you will hate to love!

Attention all hot moms! Be the star of the Tupperware party with this new CD!!!
That's right...Portland's favorite DJ has done it again, and this time around he sets to fulfill the musical fantasies of all beautiful mothers across the globe!

Never limiting his musical boundaries, Dj Wicked cross-pollinates musical genres with this newest mix, taking classic selections of yesteryear and adding to them a modern day twist of turntable techniques that's sure to make your mother drop her panties at first listen!

In the fashion of a true turntablist, DJ Wicked scratches, remixes and blends together over an hour of your moms favorite tunes by artists such as Blondie, Nu Shooz, Prince, Dee Lite, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Milli Vanilli and many more, proving that he can play anything and make it sound good!

This is the CD that all milf's and soccer moms can't wait to bump in their mini vans!
What is a milf you ask? Pick up the new CD and find out!

-DJ Wicked.....The REAL reason your mom hired a babysitter.

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