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Portland's favorite turntablist, the one and only DJ Wicked, delivers the greatly anticipated new mix project titled "Just Plain Terror." The mix provides over an hour of cutting edge Underground Hip Hop, as well as a fierce selection of Old School Hip Hop favorites, all blended together with eerie sound effects and creepy dialog from classic horror movies and such. However, it wouldn't be complete if it wasn't sprinkled with a dose of Wicked's "supernatural" scratching skills that even the dead will appreciate! DJ Wicked describes the project as "A party rockin' white knuckle adventure through Hip Hop's terrifying darkside." Watch out!!!

If you haven't picked up a copy of Dj Wicked's exciting new Mix CD, then do so immediately while this classic Hip Hop Horror is still available by clicking on the link below.

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Exorcist Intro / Masta Ace (Slaughta House) / Lord Finesse (You know what I'm about) / Just Plain Terror (Dj Wicked) / Vital Organ / Swamp (Ring of Fire) / Swollen members (Killing Spree) / R.A. The Rugged Man (Stanley Kubrick) / Mr. Dead (Lungevity) / Friday the 13th (Dj Wicked) / Paris (The Devil Made Me Do It) / T Power feat. Blade (Dangerous) / The Swamp Creature / Twilight Zone (Manhatten Transfer) / MC ADE (Nightmare on ADE Street) / NWA & The Posse (Panic Zone) / Royce the 5' 9" (Scary Movie) / Krushin' MC's (Nightmare on Rhyme Street) / LL Cool J (Jack The Ripper) / Emotionally Disturbed (Dj Wicked) / Necro (Brutal Styles) / Naughty By Nature (The Craziest) / Grave Diggaz (The Unexplained) / Living Dead Outro