Fuck the Radio by DJ WickedIt's finally here...the long awaited rebuttal to years of brainwashing and exploitation by corporate radio stations and their watered-down "HipHop" programming. This infection has long plagued not only the airwaves, but HipHop culture as a whole. Mainstream radio stations have forever been force feeding us their garbage as if we were a flock of mindless sheep, and this is where I draw the line. "Fuck the Radio" is a breath of fresh air for those that are sick of being smothered by commercial radio and the verbal vomit they repeatedly spew at nauseating extremes. This CD contains everything from raw new underground HipHop joints, to the sacred old school classics! This is music for the real heads that love and live HipHop everyday. No gimmicks, no ignorant images, and above all...no tasteless Top 40 crap! Tired of buying "Mix CD's" that aren't even mixed and don't have any scratching on 'em? I feel your pain. With "Fuck the Radio", you'll hear over an hour of mixing, scratching, juggling and blending, not to mention an abundance of top-notch lyricism. In addition, the entire CD is intertwined with supporting comments from several of the most well respected artists in the scene. This is more than just a mix CD...this is true HipHop music with a message. Play it loud, support the movement, and holler out "Fuck the Radio!!!"

Click here to listen to the FUCK THE RADIO sampler!

Fuck the Radio track listing:
  1. Rammin' 59.5 Intro
  2. Fuck the Radio - DJ Wicked
  3. Hold You Down - Alchemist Feat: Prodigy
  4. The Best Form - Krondon
  5. Off Top - Supernatural
  6. I Wish You Would - Royce Da 5'9" & Canibus
  7. Secret Wars - Last Emperor (Prince Paul Mix)
  8. Fatal Mistake - Sly Boogy & Promoe (DJ Wicked Blend)
  9. Metro Attitude - Masta Ace
  10. Shook Ones Part 2 - Mobb Deep (DJ Wicked Blend)
  11. If You Got Love - Non Phixion (Produced by Pete Rock)
  12. Got it Like That - Abstract Rude
  13. Hit Em' Off - Zion I feat: Triple Threat DJ's
  14. Let Em' Have it - KRS One
  15. License 2 Ill - Ill Bill & DJ JS1
  16. What's Fuckin' Wit Us - Raekwon (Produced by Chops)
  17. 4+1 - Chino XL & DJ Revolution
  18. Sometimes - Dujeous
  19. Scratch Interlude - DJ Wicked
  20. High Energy - 3rd Degree
  21. Kill Your Radio - Sleep & Boom Bap Project (DJ Wicked re-work)
  22. It Aint' Hart to Tell - Nas (Danger Mouse Mix)
  23. Pounds for Dollars - Rakaa Iriscience of Dialated Peoples
  24. Don't Nobody Care About Us - Phat Kat aka Ronnie Cash (Produced by Jay Dee)
  25. Tears - Baby Black
  26. Keep it Real FM - Skit
  27. Left It To Us - Cage, Aesop Rock, Yak Balls, EL-P, Tame One
  28. Mike, Aaron & Eddie - Haiku D'Etat
  29. Imaginary Places - Busdriver
  30. Imaginary Scratches - DJ Wicked
  31. 1-2 Punch - Supernatural
  32. Any Champion - Pacewon & DJ Revolution (DJ Sat One Mix)
  33. Daylight - Aesop Rock
  34. Understandable Smooth - Ras Kass