Dj Wicked on MySpace Dj Wicked's official MySpace page.
DJ Wicked's Sample Music Download music, mixes and cuts by DJ Wicked at
Super Happy Wax Exposing Hip Hop from the Northwest. NW artist profiles, reviews and music for sale.
Jus Family Records The online home of Portland's pioneering hip-hop record label, producers of urban releases from Cool Nutz, Maniac Lok, G-Ism and more.
OLDOMINION Northwest Underground HipHop Collective.
DJ Revolution DJ Revolution of the world famous Wake Up Show.
Sinista Pushaman Underground MC/Producer extraordinaire, Sinista Pushaman.
Urbanverb - All City Hip hop culture and urban life in Portland's inner city, #1 web development.
Cal's Pharmacy DJ Wicked grew up in this store. Avoid the mall and check out the Northwest's premier skateboard gear and apparel shop. Home to the CCCP brand.
Necro Hip-Hop Home of Necro, a hip hop lyricist, producer and CEO of Psycho+Logical-Records.
Freq Mastering The Northwest's newest, coolest, best equipped audio mastering facility.
Phoenix Media Flyers, posters, business cards, graphic design or any printed promo material, Phoenix Media is your one stop shopping source on the web!  They have the best rates and an unbeatable 24 hour turnaround!
Bumfights Bumfights has established itself as the hardest, rawest, most hilariously shocking video series on the planet.
Department of Skateboarding The dopest indoor skateboard park in the Northwest.
IS Crew The Intellectually Sound "IS Crew." The collective artistic contributions of five souls with the desire to create something unique.
esnse clothing co. esnse clothing co.
Strainz Clothing Portland, Oregon's "home grown" clothing co.
DJ Sun Doin' It The notorious S.U.N. shakin' what his mama gave him.

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