DJ Bio

by Katia Dunn

"I started in hip-hop for the love of the music, not the love of money..."

The Portland Mercury, 11/23/00

WHO: DJ Wicked spins underground and old school hip hop regularly on Wednesday nights at Jezebel's.

BUT WHO IS HE REALLY? Kirk Kirkpatrick, spinning since '92.

WHAT HE LOVES ABOUT IT: "More than anything, just the fact that I'm using the turntable as an instrument, and the unlimited possibilities of what that lets me do."

ABOUT HIS HATRED OF MAINSTREAM HIP HOP: "I try not to think about it too much, but when I do, I think it's kind of disgusting to me. I started in hip hop for the love of the music, not the love of money now."

WHERE HE SHOPS: "A good place to go is Ozone records, that's probably the main source of good records. And 2nd Ave Records."

ON WHETHER OR NOT HIS NAME IS SENSATIONAL: "It's probably true, but mostly people are really into it. If you really look at my promo photos, it's not just like a dead person in a room. There's more to it, like in one I had a police officer hovering over a turntable--there's always turntable and DJ stuff in the picture."

ABOUT HIS OTHER LIFE: "I work in a print shop."

IN HEAVY ROTATION: Mr. Brady, "Let my Record Rotate;" Mykill Miers, "World War 1; "DJ Revolution," 4 + 1 Featuring Chino XL;" The Specialist, "The Specialist;" Necro, "Cockroaches."

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