Got Milf? Review
by Belly at
June 16, 2004

"Got Milf?" The new CD from DJ Wicked is well over 70 minutes of quality late 80s early 90s tracks for the Milf in all of us. This project by all accounts, including Wicked's, is about having fun and taking people back to the time when Fab 5 Freddy, Milli Vanilli, P.M. Dawn and Blondie ruled the world. It's a serious departure from Wickeds usual style which is a mix of straight up boom bap old school hip hop and some of the hungriest underground cats of today such as Chops, Necro etc. Needless to say that this project for him, this is coming out of left field. There are really no hip hop tracks other than a couple classics. There are so many ways to go wrong mixing 80s music and without getting into a tracklist, there are no depressing Morrisey or Clash tracks or cheese laden synth songs on the CD. Just the cuts that will be having you feel like ahhhhh shit! I can't believe he flipped that, I remember when this came out I was________ (Fill in the blank). The thing that sets this CD apart from say, a "Now that's What I call the 80s"compilation, are the skills shown here. There are things done on this CD you just can't fake. Most all of the juggles are incredible along with the scratches and dare I use the buzzword "Mash Up". There are only a couple here that all work well together. If you were born before 1982 this is a definate must have for the Summer BBQ circuit. The hidden track leaves no question of his versatility on the wheels. Turntablist tested mother approved music right here.....

Got Milf? CD

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