Kirk Kirkpatrick, otherwise known as DJ Wicked, scratches during Wicked Wednesdays at Jezebel's in Southeast Portland.

"DJ soothes that midweek chafing"
For the Portland Tribune, 8/10/01
by Malik Qadr

So you're sitting at home on a Wednesday at 11 p.m. wondering, "Where is the party?" or "How can I stop this itch?" The answer to one of your questions is that the party is at Jezebel's in Southeast Portland.

That's where all-star Portland party hero DJ Wicked has been spinning his vast collection of wax for the better part of two years. If you are a B-boy or girl, still listening to those lame Master P albums, what you need is a dose of Wicked's underground, butt-shaking grooves. Mr. Wicked -- a.k.a. Kirk Kirkpatrick -- will do his best to disarm you with his weapons of sound.

The 27-year-old Benson High School graduate has been doing his thing since 1992, when he first received inspiration from DJs Aladdin, Miz and Joe Cooley, among others. In Portland, he has worked with hip-hop acts Cool Nutz, Emerge MC's, Alter Echo, LifeSavas, Innernational Crew, Audio Orphanz and G-Izm.

Few local DJs can say that they have opened for such big name acts as the Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, The Roots, Alkaholiks and E 40. Wicked also has opened for less well-known groups such as Planet Asia, The Grouch, Live Human and Blackalicious.

From his day job in a Portland print shop, Kirkpatrick describes why he likes the space at Jezebel's. "It's not like a club," he said. "It's more like you're hanging out in someone's basement. Everyone from skaters to alternative kids show up."

DJ Wicked thinks the current state of radio-friendly hip-hop is "completely screwed up." Despite the sorry state of mainstream hip-hop, he also thinks that things are getting better and people are starting to seek out music with a message.

There's a lot of good music here," he says. "You've just got to dig a little deeper to find the good stuff."

If you want to taste the bass on Wicked Wednesday, you'll be listening to some of the best scratches this side of the Mississippi. It just might help you with that itch.

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