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Veteran scratch musicians DJ Wicked and DJ Void, have teamed up to deliver a brand new, limited edition, split 12" vinyl release.

On the "A" side, DJ Wicked displays both his zany sense of humor, as well as his clever ability at using his scratches to construct songs that tell like a story, with the hilarious "Napoleon Dynamite vs. DJ Wicked" scratch song, which is already becoming a sensation across the Internet, and a favorite amongst DJ's and scratch aficionados alike. Next up, Wicked presents a much darker, and more technical scratch composition titled "Hypnosis", which takes you on an eerie, disturbing visit to see a deranged hypnotherapist. As if that wasn't enough, Wicked's "A" side also includes a 7 minute "scratch tool kit", containing hundreds of classic and unique samples and sound effects, for use by fellow turntablists and scratch musicians. Not to mention plenty of hard hitting disses and battle phrases, perfect for use in creating routines for your next DJ competition!

DJ Void's "B" side marks as his second vinyl release, and features his new track titled "Just Don't Stop", which contains cut up Too Short beats and vocal samples to create a scratching-aesthetic anthem. Included is the full 4 minute instrumental version (complete with breaks), and perfect for scratch practices and freestyle sessions. Void's "Skratch Samples" are chopped up specifically for scratch DJ's. 808 drum kits, huge stab hits, distorted guitar riffs, nasty basslines, even some funky blues thrown in there; all designed for turntable-based songs/bands! Battle DJ's and jugglers will find some interesting treats on there as well...and who can forget the skipless "Beep Aaaah" samples at the end?

In an era in which the entire music industry is being transformed into a huge, digital monster, Wicked & Void continue to push the analog envelope, using their turntables to manipulate the sounds of existing vinyl recordings, into new, original "scratch compositions" of their very own. And with this being an extremely limited edition vinyl release, those who are interested are advised to grab a copy while you still can, as the early bird always gets the worm!

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