Pick of the Week:
DJ Wicked, Mix Master Mike and DJ P

Flexing beats like ripped muscles, this DJ trio can bend Hip-Hop rhythms to fit just about any song imaginable; hoary classic rock, horror soundtracks, hardcore techno, you name it. The initiated know Mix Master Mike as a member of that unstoppable turntablist squad, the Invisibl Skratch Piklz; everyone else knows him as the manic DJ for the Beastie Boys. Solo, Mike mixes up musical history like an oracle casting bones, using the remnants to foresee the future. And he's damn funky too.

Local boy Wicked has just released a fine, spectrally entrancing mix disc of his own, Just Plain Terror, a bubbling cauldron of thrill-killer samples, darkside beats, and, of course, chattering MCs.

Finally, DJ P is one of those uber-postmodern DJs who likes to mess with preconceptions by plastering Hip-Hop rhythms onto songs where one least expects them, e.g., a Foreigner powered ballad or some such atrocity. He's probably sick of being compared to DJ Z-Trip, but if the show fits...

John Graham

Just Plain Terror CD

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